Sunday | Nov 28, 2021

Komentar Alumni


Ayu  Suryantini /  Graphic Designer Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

I can knowledge from Lectures on STD Bali also experience, soft skills are honed, help me for working thanks for STD Bali





Ivan Yahya / Marketing & Promotion Planet Surf

College majoring in visual communication design in STD bali make design science that I learned more refined, than the control vector software, animation, photo manipulation, for the concept to draw manual least I can control, beginning work in PT. Planet Selancar Mandiri, because there are programs on campus PKL / time it directly placed a direct application and be accepted there until now, oh yes PT. Planet Selancar Mandiri is a company engaged in the retail brand largest factory in Indonesia and has its headquarters in Bali and Jakarta.



Diesta Premananda / Project Manager, Aratimur Creative Agency

Education in STD Bali as a DKV student, giving me the opportunity to know more about the world of design. The material taught is needed in the industrialized world. as well as create creativepreneur, talented and professional. Armed with a given discipline, now I've set up a creative agency based Graphic Design and Website Development named Aratimur.




Ian Rahadian / Head of Production Interior

get a lot of useful knowledge to work, STD Bali also teaches mentally tough and always taught to work both individual and teamwork so that I am proud as a graduate STD and able to work well. Thank you STD Bali





Risky / Drafter Interior

I am very proud to be alumni of STD Bali, one campus that produces graduates who are able to compete and ready to plunge in the world of work, since I became a student of interior in STD Bali, I was taught about some of the software used in this field. And I am now working as a drafter of 2D and 3D modeling.




Maximilianus Dody / Designer Interior

I do not lose STD study in Bali, all that is taught is very useful for the world of industry. Lecturers are also highly qualified in guiding students to be able to understand what is being taught, taught courses are also not arbitrary.





Ari Yogaswara / Designer Interior Racana Design Studio

Many new experiences, especially on interior design that I get when undergoing education in STD Bali, thanks to the experience of lecturers who are mostly practitioners. So that science and theory that they convey the most part can be applied directly to the world of work, especially in the field of creativity.




Aditya Wirawan / Graphic Designer - CV. Bali Jewelry & Owner Crevisign Karikatur Digital & Desain

Before I was not sure because the campus is small and minimal activity. One first half turns his courses exclamation, do not create a lot of stress in spite of a college assignment. But the task does not learn to work. young lecturers and very friendly, an open mind so fun assistance, In college I was taught from the basic design, theory and practice. Not only design but also taught how to be a good designer, a good attitude and strategy in business. I am ready to be an entrepreneur for me, STD Bali not only created graduate ready to work, but prospective entrepreneurs who will create new jobs.



Gariel Arnandha / Senior Graphic Designer & Photographer in Mata Year Book

In the past I did not understand software photoshop, illustrator, InDesign and many more, finally I can. And much has changed from me since college in STD Bali. I was someone who shy, nervous, and poor presentation. Thanks to the STD study in Bali, I can become a person who is more confident. As a result now I became a Senior Graphic Designer and Photographer in Mata Year Book. Lectures here not only teach theory and practice that used to work, but also soft skills are very useful for our work.



Angga Dwi Astina / Illustrator & Graphic Designer di Thecolourofblind

At college feels really exciting. lecturer friendly so that makes me comfortable to college here. The staff on campus is also good. I am grateful to have been a student actively participating various activities on campus that can be familiar with the staff and faculty. They not only helped me in terms of academic, but it has changed me for the better, more independent and confident. STD Bali really is not just a lecture course, but where to find identity and a family.



Wandy Andika / Quality Control

Many knowledge given very useful for the world of work today, his specialty in the majors that I choose in STD Bali Interior Design majors. Knowledge and experiences in the world of work is very useful lecturer.





Dedy Eka Permana  / Drafter + Junior Designer Interior BJA + Architect Living International

3 years of education in STD bali lot of science that can be. In terms of learning materials on campus is very good, deepening of the material on interior design to practice in his field. Skills that I learned was quite good, so after I graduated from STD bali, also direct that the company received in the international standard. Which handles many projects such as villas and resorts local and international.




Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universitas Budi Luhur
ISI Denpasar
Catholic University of Daegu
Hanbat National University
Sunchon National University
Sun Moon University
Jeonju University