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July 07, 2018

DKV STD Bali held ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) Certification 2018

ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) is a certification program particularly for Photoshop from Adobe. Adobe Certified Associate is a fundamental value for students when they seek for job, especially in the industry revolution such MEA. In total of fifty students of 2015’s Visual Communication Design STD Bali have been successfully took the ACA Certification program.

Previously, the students have been followed a training skill to deal with this certification. It took four days for the training program, starting from Monday (25/6) to Thursday (28/6). On Friday (6/6) the certification took place in i-Mac Lab started at 09.00 WITA - 19.00 WITA.

This year is second times for STD Bali to held ACA Certification. On the previous year, it took place at New Media College only for Graphic Design students. Enthusiasm from the students that have been participated this program is various. They glad to have successfully participated on this certification. Some of them had difficulties in understanding the question that entirely written in English. However, they’ve managed it slowly but sure.

Mr. Angga Maha Putra and Mr. Angga Dwi Astina as a mentor stated that technically all students really understanding about Photoshop, however for some details need an improvement. They also trust for students who passed this certification truly reflect the ability and took their own responsibilities of what they’ve made after this certification program. (Lontar: Candra)


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