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April 03, 2018

GFC got an Achievement

Sunday, March 25th, 2018, student activity unit of STD Bali & New Media College, Gravity Football Club (GFC) has got achievements in Tekno Futsal Tournament 2018. Previously on March 4th 2018, GFC decided to join the tournament in two categories, for student and general, the tournament was held at Tanjung Futsal Tohpati. In the first and second round, GFC from general category got three and six points, unfortunately from student category GFC didn’t get any points. But, at the end of the last round, GFC from student category got five points and two points for rival, and from general category, GFC got seven points and four points for rival. GFC is very proud for that achievement.

Because of that, GFC went to the next round for that tournament on Sunday, March 25th, 2018, and the tournament was held at GOR Lila Bhuana. In that tournament, GFC who’s against Glory FC got zero point and one point for the rival. The second round, which is the determination of the third and fourth winners, GFC leads with three points against Bongol FC who only got one point. That means GFC is the 3rd winner for that tournament, and GFC was selected as a Favorite Team in that tournament.

Those achievements make GFC team proud and also for STD Bali & New Media College.


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