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November 14, 2017

Graduation of Interior Design Student STD Bali

“Success is not final,
failure is not fatal,
it is the courage to continue that counts.”

​It seems that quotation from Mr. Winston Churchill is precisely addressed to the Generation of 2014 of Interior Design Departments who have carried out their graduationprocession on Saturday, November 4, 2017 in the Hall of New Media Campus. The event was not only attended by graduates and lecturers, but also attended by the students of Interior Department from Generation of 2015, 2016 and 2017 as a form of appreciation to the Generation of 2014 who have successfully completed their study for 3 years at SekolahTinggi Desain Bali.

​The event starts at 10.15 WITA which is marked by a joint prayer, followed by speech by Mr. Freddy Hendrawan, ST., MT. as Chairman of the Interior Design Department. On that occasion, Mr. Freddy expressed his pride and joy to the Generation of 2014 which he regarded as a swarm of Sea Turtle’s babies which is now ready to be released into the vast ocean to continue to grow and develop. He also gave a couple of advices to the graduates.

​After the opening speech, they entered the main event which is the submission of report to the graduates by the Chairman and Secretary of Interior Design Department, namely Mr. Freddy and Miss Ardina Susanti, ST., MT. The special award was given to Yuke Puspitaas the highest GPA of Interior Design 2014 with mark 3.80, Wina Sartika and Samantha Balbeid as The Most Inspiring Student. Wina Sartika was given the opportunity to give the impression during her time as a student, representing her friends. According to Wina, although it was very tiring but the struggle is commensurate to the results therefore sheencourages the younger generation to keep going.

​This session was followed by a video screening specifically dedicated to the graduates. The video contains memories of the quarantine process while trying to complete their final assignment. Many are touched when they see it including the younger generation who became a witness of their struggle. The event ends with photo session and lunch break. (gita / photo: HMJ Wicwakarma)


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