Friday | Aug 23, 2019

April 03, 2018

Sharing Session with ALC ROAD TO STD BALI “Design The Future Innovation”

On Saturday, 31 March 2018 has been held seminar with theme “ Design The Future Innovation” to invites all of participant to get to know more about how the mindset of designer to make an innovation. This event attended by a narasumber Lily Santoso, who is a Head of Project Development. The Seminar start at 10 AM and be held in Campus Hall New Media College Bali.
With the theme “Design The Future Innovation” the speaker, Lily Santoso revealed light stories about the innovations that have been made and how the rise and fall a process of innovation. She also explains the important elements to building an innovation is consist by “Emphaty” that focus on how the designer thinks from the perspective of other in making an innovation, and “Diversity” that emphasizes diversity in forming ideas as an  innovator. Lily Santoso also presented several examples of innovative works created by young Indonesian designers. She emphasized that in making an innovation a designers must set a side their ego and need an empathy element and a collaboration to expand the market share of a design to be more widely known by the public.
At the end of event, held a question and answer session about design and the distribution of pins and parcels from the Avilla Bali. Then the event closed by a photo along with the participants of the seminar.


Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universitas Budi Luhur
ISI Denpasar
Catholic University of Daegu
Hanbat National University
Sunchon National University
Sun Moon University
Jeonju University