Friday | Aug 23, 2019

December 11, 2017

STD Signed MoU With DSGN Ireland

STD BALI as a creative design campus has agreed to sign a MoU with DSGN, Ireland and will support their project in West Bali. DSGN (Design Student Global Network) is an educational design collective that wants to bring participatory design application to the world - through workshops which shape sustainable community infrastructure in developing countries.

In January they will launch their DSGN international design competition, for which the brief is to create this sustainable architectural space. The winning design will be announced at Milan Design Week 2018 ( The construction of the Community Learning Centre will then begin by bringing a network of international design and architecture students to Bali for a one month period in early 2019, and engage in peer-to-peer learning & cultural education with the local community.

We hope STD BALI students will eagerly participate in the competition and actively join the project in 2019!


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