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November 01, 2019

Visual Communication Design STD Bali Students Take ACA International Certification Exam: Adobe Certified Associate 2019

Adobe Certified Associate or ACA is a certification program that aims to validate the basic abilities and skills owned by participants in using Adobe software. This certification officially released by Certiport which is internationally recognized, so it is very fundamental for students when they enter the working life in facing global competition such as the MEA (ASEAN Economic Community), etc. STD Bali campus is aware of this, so DKV majors are required to take the ACA certification as a graduation requirement. A total of 120 students majoring in Visual Communication Design STD Bali class of 2015 and 2016 have successfully participated in the ACA certification program in 2019.

            Previously, the students had been mentored by certified STD Bali lecturers, namely Angga Maha Putra and Angga Dwi Astina. The coaching took place for two days from Tuesday (10/22) to Wednesday (10/23). Understanding the theory, practice questions to technical exams are presented during coaching. Then on Friday (25/10) there was a certification activity held at the New Media College 1C Laboratory from 13.00 - 20.00 WITA.

             This year's ACA certification will be the third time held by the campus. For this reason, it is hoped that more DKV majors will graduate and hold the ACA degree so they can become prospective graduates who are ready to face international competition. The ACA 2019 certification mentor also advised students who had successfully passed this certification exam to be truly able to reflect their abilities and take responsibility for what they got after graduating from this certification.



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