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July 31, 2018


An orientation day for STD Bali Summer School students has been done today, 30th of July, 2018 at Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali (STD Bali). Today is the second times of this program running at STD Bali after last year this event had successfully done. This year, STD Bali summer school theme, is Tropical Architecture, and this program success to get 57 students from all over the world, such as Europe, Asia, Canada to America. This program itself is the result of cooperation between STD Bali with StudyInBali. The STD Bali team has prepared interactive learning materials which entirely themed with Balinese Architectural, started with learning in the classroom until exploring Bali with interesting excursion, will be their activities during 1 month they  follow this program.

On 28th of July, 2018 had been done the welcoming party at La Brisa Beach Club, Canggu. All the participants were looked enthusiast attended this welcoming ceremonial that held with Balinese theme which followed by all the participants were given a sarong & udeng (Balinese ceremonial attribute to men) as a gift. Started with an opening speech by Ibu Made Vairagya Yogantari, S.Sn., M.FA as head of Summer School program, followed by Ms. Made Arini Hanindharputri, S.Sn.,M.Sn as chairwoman of STD Bali. All events were running well until closed by dinner with all the committees.

This second time of Summer School program also being the approval and showing the existing of STD Bali, to be an international standard campus, after on July till August, we have been officially held a Students Exchange Program with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and Universitas Budi Luhur Jakarta (UBL). This following steps makes STD Bali progressively becoming an international standard level design campus based on IT industry, who supported by qualified lecturers and learning materials. (std)


Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universitas Budi Luhur
ISI Denpasar
Catholic University of Daegu
Hanbat National University
Sunchon National University
Sun Moon University
Jeonju University