Sunday | Oct 24, 2021

July 19, 2018


On Saturday, 14 0f July 2018, the yudisium of STD Bali Visual Communication Design's student held at the collage hall of New Media.

The event starts at 10:00 WITA. Opened with prayer and song of Indonesia Raya, then continued by greeting by the chairman of STD Bali, Mrs. Arini Hanindharputri, S.Sn, M.Sn. With warmly she gave advices to the participants. She hopes that after graduated all of students can stay humble and make the alma mater proud.

And the next schedule is the announcement of the value of the final task and its predicate. From 22 people who participate in this yudisium, 3 people who got the predicate A with the highest score is, first I Gusti Agung Good Gita Candra K., the second one is my Kadek Surya Juliana Putra and the third one is David Khusyairi.

Before closing this yudisium with video playback and photo session together, the chairman of the Visual Communication Design department, Mr. Ramanda Dimas Surya Dinata S.Sn, M.Sn. gave a speech. He hopes that everyone can appreciate the process that has been passed so far by becoming a better person and maturing mindset.


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