Sunday | Oct 24, 2021

Overview STD Bali

Seeing the fact, that a number of bachelor and associate Expert unemployed is increasing from year to year, as well as to anticipate as early as possible of any changes arising from globalization, the educational institutions are required to be able to produce graduates appropriate, qualified expertise and knowledge needed by the industry. Educational institutions are not responsive to the rapid growth in industry, trade and services today, will only produce graduates who are not ready to use, both in terms of knowledge, skills and mental preparedness.


Meanwhile, along with the rapid growth in the three sectors are the backbone of economic development, requires several needs at once. The most basic requirement is the human resource issues. Increasingly widespread industrial sector sparked fierce competition from products produced, to obtain the targeted market segment. The rapid advancement of science and technology, led to increasingly thin difference in the quality of the product. One element of the most potential as a tool of competition or marketing attributes is design elements. The design appears as a determinant in the decision to choose products that will be consumed. It is conceivable, how a company vehicle, real estate, furniture, garment, newspapers, magazines, packaging plants,television, advertising agencies, production houses and even government take advantage of the aesthetic design to determine the success of a business/program. In this case, the designs into the field of art that become hope the success of other fields. Being a logical thing, when then professional designers began to grow as a profession is taken into account. To date, there are several design disciplines are growing rapidly as a profession, i.e. interior designers, industrial product design, graphic design or visual communication design, photography and design. These four disciplines lately increasingly appearas an important field. Evidently the emergence of many demand design services in major cities. The tendency when observed as an indicator of the increasing public awareness of the important role of design.


In these conditions, the design education in Indonesia today shows the tide. Many people began to question how real caring relationship interdisciplinary education with the world of work prospects designs. The concept of” link & match” signaled by the Minister of National Education has been encouraging each institution to create linkages with the work world. From the beginning design education is already a”link" to the real working world. The question is now whether it has achieved equivalence (match) between design education with the work world that would have to have the same value. In this context whether the field of design knowledge that has been developed by the barrel design education with the world of work? Then this means that the question of how the education designs process requires learners to have the expertise and skills in accordance with the demands of the workplace.

From the general description above it can be concluded that both in quality and quantity, design educational institutions remained always needed and developed on an ongoing basis.


The meeting national curriculum design fields conclude that there are four main things that required higher education institutions for the preparation of skilled workers ready to use. First, the right educational curriculum for each of the targeted qualification, in this case the comparison of the percentage of practice and theory courses will determine the qualifications, expertise graduates. Besides, it is also the type of courses, number of credits, course content and its distribution, also need very careful planning. Second, the ability of human resources, there should be a balanced composition between academic and reliable practices. Third, the availability of sufficient educational facilities must be advanced in the field of design. Fourth, the opportunity to conduct job training, workshops, practical work, visits and other sufficient relationship to close educational institutions as suppliers of labor to work the receiving institution. For this reason, STD BALI born in the face of the demands mentioned above.



Vision :

" Making the Campus of STD Bali as a high school design and reliable quality” through increased creativity, productivity, and professionalism of the academic society to produce graduates who are able to work professionally and independently (entrepreneur).

Mission :

  1. Encouraging STD Bali as a center of science and technology development in the field of art and design and as reformer ofart and design education.
  2. Improving the implementation of the organization of Tri Dharma University in accordance with the needs of society and the development of an integrated, scalable and productive.
  3. Optimizingthe process management aspects of quality and service.
  4. Maintaining and developing the livelihood of the community college as a (scientific community) and community learning (learning society) through a learning process that is capable of forming life skills (life skills)
  5. Building performance and competitive advantage through revamping, restructuring, improvement of the whole system of management and empowerment of human resources to establish teamwork and teamleader.
  6. Maintaining and enhancing cooperation with stakeholder to realize the vision, mission and objectives of STD Bali Campus.


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