Sunday | Oct 24, 2021

Visual Communication Design

The development of science and technology, art and design in Indonesia has started growing rapidly, especially in the development of creative industry. Some industries also began to require professionals in the field of design, not just a service industry, promotional, clothing, food and shelter, but also require the education world as a lecturer. These professionals must not only have the expertise (skills) of computer and illustrations but should have the soft skills and concepts that support the execution of the design. The development of good quality of skills cannot be separated from the role of design as a field of science, especially in the field of visual communication design.

The birth of the Sekolah Tinggi Desain (STD) Bali will answer the demands of the creative industries in order to prepare professionals in the field of design with a mission to promote mastery of applications that are adapted to industrial standard of quality. With excellent major (Visual Communication Design) DKV with specialization expertise in the field of graphic design, digital animation, and broadcasting, will be the only complete design study programs in Bali and Nusa Tenggara.



Bachelor Degree Program of Visual Communication Design aims to produce graduates who have the knowledge, creativity, skills, and attitudes that can perform tasks related to visual communication in accordance with the needs of graphics and multimedia industry. With the hope of all qualified graduates can complete studies on time and all absorbed in the industrialized world. This department is directing students to be able to focus in the field of visual communication design such as graphic design (advertising), animation, cinematography, photography and multimedia business. Students will be taught by advanced technology -based digital creative concept development and high value, so those students can not only work in the industry, but also can be a creativepreneur as well.
 There are many activities, such as: design exhibitions, seminars, workshops, hospitality event, guest lectures, student lectures, industry visits, and creative events such as the merging of art, design and music.

Competence and expertise that can be selected include:

 1. Visual Communication Design - Advertising and Packaging
This concentration aims to produce graduates who are ready to become a professional designer who has the expertise and creativity in creating graphic design work in various media. Students will be taught of the creative thinking process to the production stage for various media advertising, promotion, and social campaigns both in print and online, based on client needs.

Graphic designers, packaging designers, designer logos and branding, In house Designer, Stylist Artistic, creative part in the Advertising Agency, Print media, Event Organizer (EO) and Public Relations.

 2. Visual Communication Design - Animation
This concentration educate students to have the skills necessary to become a professional animation, especially in the field of visual communication design, to answer the needs of design that requires the work of animation 2D and 3D.

2-dimensional and 3-dimensional animator, animator at advertising agencies, film animation and visual effects.

3. Visual Communication Design - Cinematography
This concentration aims to produce graduates who are ready to become a professional filmmaker who is able to produce high standards of cinematographic works as a short movie or a TV Commercial in accordance with standards for advertising industries.

Movie Director, Movie cameramen, Video Editor, Motion Graphic Artist, Movie Producer, Visual Effects Designer

 4. Visual Communication Design - Business Multimedia
This concentration aims to produce designers who have a strategy and design thinking is not only experts in practice, but also to the creative thinking with effective management processes. Students will be invited to understand the business in the field of design are closely related to marketing, and gain knowledge in design, creativity, business and innovation.

Design manager, entrepreneur, strategist in the field of design, design consultancy, design manager for the product.

 5. Visual Communication Design - Photography
This concentration aims to produce graduates who are ready to become a professional designer who has competence in the field of photography who have skills in the world of commercial photography. Students will be taught all about the world of photography and how to produce work that creative, aesthetic and has a high commercial value.

Photographer, Consultant design and photography, photojournalist, photo editor, and lecturer


1. Graphic Design
2. Advertising
3. Packaging Design and Product
4. Videography and Cinema
5. Animation
6. Entrepreneurship
7. Project Management and Business
8. Illustration
9. Photography
Lecturer (Lecturer)
Lecturer in Visual Communications Design of STD Bali are professionals who have knowledge in the field of Visual Communication Design as a practitioner of design, photography, illustration that often handle design problems in the community, and the teaching methods are creative and fun.




Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universitas Budi Luhur
ISI Denpasar
Catholic University of Daegu
Hanbat National University
Sunchon National University
Sun Moon University
Jeonju University