Sunday | Oct 24, 2021

Fashion Design

In this digital era, he development of fine arts and design technology is growing rapidly in Indonesia especially the development of creative industry. This creative industry has many types, which is not only focusing on handicrafts but also more extensive starting from architecture, advertising, art, design, fashion, film, music, photography, gadgets, software, games and etc.

Seeing public enthusiasm toward something different, unique and interesting is certainly creating new segmentation. The concept of creative industry itself is a new business that intensifies information and creativity by relying on ideas and knowledge from Human Resources as the main factor who drive the economy. The presence of human resources that present creative products will open up product competition markets which are innovative and can compete on the national and international levels.

Some industries absolutely required professional staff in the field of design, not only service, promotion, clothing, and food industry. These professionals not only required to have computer skills and illustrations but also required to have soft skills and concepts that support design execution.

The establishment of Fashion Design Study Program (Bachelor Degree) Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali (STD) with S.Tr.Ds degree after the students graduate will accommodate the demands of creative world of industry in order to prepare professionals in the field of Fashion Design by carrying out the mission of supporting and developing the business and creative industries by prioritizing technology upgrades, professional management and creative excellence, aesthetic and based on Indonesian cultural wisdom that is in accordance to industry quality standards both nationally and internationally. The Fashion Design study program Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali which has concentration of specialization in Fashion Design and Fashion Business combined with the power of digital technology and multimedia as its superiority will make this program study becomes the only best Fashion Design study program in Bali and Nusa Tenggara


Fashion Design study program Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali is a study program that has excellence in the fields of digital and multimedia technology. In this study program, it will not only teach knowledge about fashion in terms of practice and theory, but also direct students towards business, technology and entrepreneurship that will produce international-class products and businesses to advance the fashion field and elevate Indonesian culture in the global arena.

As it is known that fashion is one of the important industries in the development of Creative Industries in Indonesia. It will be very potential for both domestic and overseas markets.

With the mission supporting and developing the business and creative industry by promoting technology updates, professional management and creative excellence, aesthetic and based on Indonesian culture wisdom in the field of fashion design, Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali will be beneficial to improve education quality and society intelligence, especially in introducing the importance of academic and practical abilities to face future challenges and create Human Resources that are not only creative but also professional and have intellectual intelligence.

Vocational education unit (D4 Equivalent S1) Fashion Design in Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali is prepared to conduct competency-based industrial vocational education in the field of Fashion Design in order to meet the workforce needs of the fashion industry at national and international level. This is supported by the growing prospect of fashion industry which is getting better and increasing domestic and foreign market demand and increasing world consumption of fashion products so that the opportunity to expand the fashion industry market is very big.


The vision of Fashion Design study program Sekolah Tinggi Desain Bali is to be a superior and competitive fashion design study program in advancing the national and international levels of creative business and industry by elevating local culture in the global arena until 2038.


  1. Presenting the Design Mode curriculum that is in accordance with the development of creative industry and software technology in the developing field of Fashion Design.
  2. Realizing Design Fashion education that refers to the values ​​of Indonesian local wisdom, while keep paying attention to international standards in the field of Design Mode
  3. Creating excellent graduates of Fashion Design by focusing on education through creative and independent learning, ability in doing research, society service and the use of computer technology as a support in an effort to accelerate the maturation of student abilities in the field of Fashion design.
  4. Realizing competitive Fashion Design graduates through graduates who are productive, creative and professional in designing fashion designs and can apply their knowledge directly for the benefit of society, nation and state
  5. Create graduates who have good skills in work skills, research and professional mentality as provisions to face the challenges of the profession in the future (MEA, AFTA, etc.).

Fashion Design Department not only learns about devising designs, trends and styles of fashion but also learns about business and entrepreneurship with digital technology content to create creative and professional graduates who are able to produce products and businesses that are internationally classy and ready to compete in the work world field.

This department has several focuses, as follows:
Art & Fashion Design
Fashion Bussines
Fashion Digital

Fashion Designer
Fashion Stylist
Fashion Journalist
Fashion Bloggers
Fashion Pattern Maker
Accessories Designer
Visual Merchandiser
Fashion Editor
Illustrator Fashion
Management Products & Brands
Boutique Owner
Textille Designer
Lecture / Instructor
Research & Development

Lectures/ instructors in STD Bali Fashion Design Study Program are professionals who have knowledge in the field of Fashion design such as design practitioners, fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs, illustration, photography and others who often handle design problems in the society, with fun and creative teaching methods.


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