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Student Activity Unit


Student Activity Unit is a container for channeling appreciation of students according to interests and talents. This activity aims to foster student creativity beyond disciplines occupied.

In addition there are also Student Activity Unit Senate Events / BEM External and Internal student active in the form of seminars, workshops, workshops, community social events held regularly and continuously in order to increase insight and knowledge of the student outside of class hours as well as carry out the Tri Dharma University.


ukm densoft 66  

Student Activity Unit or hereinafter referred to as SAU, particularly SAU Spring Airsoft Detachment STD Bali hereinafter referred DENSOFT 66 is one of the SAU that hone the entire student fraternity and solidarity STD Bali.In addition to filtering reaction shooting athlete talent that could be the name of STD Bali.



66 DENSOFT activities were focused on sport shooting, which in these activities, students emphasized to have RSSF, namely

R - esponsible, wherein the holding and we are required to have ersop have a responsibility to yourself and surroundings therefore there rules for having age above 18th ersop is that at the time was consideredsomeone has been aware of the meaning of a responsibility.
S - mart, every act is subject to possess, use, and play our ersop required to act intelligently must know how to act, know how to avoid the problem can judge whether our actions may cause a problem or not in that short time.
S - afe, secure in this case not only use goggles and vest when attitude to play but is more secure to ourselves and others could be someone secure for himself but if he is safe for another person ?
F - un, the fun is if we can apply the results of the three factors well above, at least know the true concept that things are not desired can be avoided and the game becomes more exciting. for all not for himself.




ukm gravity music squad  

Gravity Music Squad ( GMS ) is one container to accommodate the student 's creativity and activity in the field of music. Based on the functions of GMS 's why it needs to be an effort to develop the potential and creativity that exist on the talents of its members to be channeled and childbirth achievement.

With the establishment of Gravity Music Squad ( GMS ) is expected to give birth to the achievements both on campus and off campus.

The goal of GMS is to be achieved

Students are expected to :
1. Develop the potential of each member of the GMS
2. Familiarizing each other GMS members both senior and junior to the contrary
3. Building a sense of brotherhood among GMS members
4. Making the GMS as a place for students who want to distribute Hobby ​​or his talent in the field of Music



ukm gravity music squad  

Gravity Football Club (GFC) a container to accommodate students who have hobbies and talents in the field of sports, especially football Futsal. Until now the GFC have a total membership of 69 people who are members of several departments in STD Bali and New Media. Founded on November 20, 2010, GFC aims to develop the potential and skills of its members in order to play football talents can be channeled and gave birth to a variety of achievements.

1. As a gathering place and sharing student students STD Bali New Media
2. To develop the potential and skills members in the member's ability to play ball
3. As the container to establish a good relationship between students from different majors and various forces
4. Improving soft skills GFC members in the organization
5. Helps promote STD campus Bali and New Media in every activity GFC

1. Exercise regularly GFC every Saturday
2. Hold Anniversary Cup Tournament every year
3. Conducting Gravity Futsal Championship Tournament and the general level of students every year.
4. Gravity Football Club Celebrates Anniversary

Achievement :
Winner II Dies Natalis Cup 2011
Winner I Dies Natalis Cup 2012 
Winner I Dies Natalis Cup 2013
Winner I Kompetisi Bali Super Cup 2013




"Perkamen STUDIO" a community that connects students STD Bali who have the ability and love illustration field as a way of conveying a story / message but still shows respect for history. PERKMEN STUDIO was officially established on 16 November 2013.



SHORT-TERM GOAL Perkamen Studio
1. Student STD - Balinese who have the ability and interest in the illustrations can be assembled to work together.
2. Members' ability to process an illustration information can be honed.
3. The existence of a connection or the connection between members of the creative world to pour the ability in the world of work.
4. Soft skills of each member of the organization can thrive.


STUDIO create a masterpiece together containing messages that can build a young generation of Denpasar be cultured generation.


STUDIO parchment activities covering a wide range of activity related to the knowledge and technical drawing manually / freehand / hand processed both traditional and digital.





Thunder Dance Formed on November 15 of 2014 as a means to channel student interest and talent in dance. Thunder Dance also aims to develop talent - talent of its members to be growing towards a better and can be the name of STD Bali through accomplishments - accomplishments to be achieved together


Activities of Thunder Dance includes basic training together, and exercises per-division, which we divided into three divisions: Division of Hip-Hop / BreakDance, Division Modern / Cover Dance and Traditional Dance Division.





Reborn Generation Basketball was founded on December 1, 2014 as well as a beginning Reborn Generation Basketball is formed, we formed Reborn Generation Basketball is defined and aim to collect Students STD Bali who are interested in Reborn Generation Basketball basketball and develop talent in the sport Basketball resulting in a achievement.

Reborn activities Generation Basketball:
- Conducting Sparing in order to determine the extent of the ability of the team.
- Mutual Sharing About Things that new world Basket




Goldmonk Yoga will teach you to balance the body, mind and spirit so that they can live in peace, passionate, harmony, healthy and youthful.

Goldmonk Yoga will give you a place to breathe more deeply, strengthen and renew the body, as well as build our spirit. Yoga can help reverse the aging process by increasing flexibility, improving internal organs and cells, delivering oxygen throughout the body, and increase harmony. Breathe in on a particular posture will affect the nervous system and heart.

Goldmonk Yoga can also relaxes stiff muscles, increase energy and circulation, increase energy and beautify the skin. In the deeper part, yoga can give us the ability to give and receive.






"Obscura" a photography community that connects students / i STD Bali and New Media bali who have the ability and talent in the world of photography as a platform to express the works. BALI STD obscura formally established on December 1, 2014.


- Collecting Student / i STD-Bali who have the talent and ability in the field of photography.
- To develop the potential of each member.
- Photography business opportunities campus and community.
- Hard train skills and Soft skills among members.
- ACTIVITIES obscura
- Obscura activity each month that is 2 times sharing, hunting together guest lecture




Lontar is one of the activities in the field of journalism students who became media to accommodate a wide range of information both academic and non-academic sphere in the STD Bali

In addition Lontar be proof of the existence of a wide variety of student competence in the field of design and technology of information presented in a form of journalistic design in an interesting, informative and communicative.


Activity student unit has become one of the activities that is capable of being a student creativity appreciation container STD Bali in the field of design and information technology, as well as container develop student talent and skills both soft skills and hard skills.

Creating a publication that consists of several categories, namely Main News, Art & Culture, Campus Life, Entertainments, lifestye, Activities, Technology, Gallery, Profiles and reviews into shape design print publications and digital load design elements and information technology.




Abilities and talents would have to be demonstrated, developed and explored further in order to achieve an expected result. Not maybe someone can find and explore latent abilities and talents without assistance or contributions from people who are nearby.

Euphemia Chatra (PHERTRA) is a container to accommodate and provide space for students to channel abilities, interests and talents Choir (vocal).

1. Provide a space of expression of interest and talent in the field Choir.
2. Prepare a cadre choir in Bali Design High School campus.
3. Develop togetherness, unity and a sense of nationality.
4. Making students more active.
5. Promote the campus of the College of Design Bali through various activities.


Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Universitas Budi Luhur
ISI Denpasar
Catholic University of Daegu
Hanbat National University
Sunchon National University
Sun Moon University
Jeonju University