Sunday | Oct 24, 2021

Student Executive Board


The presence of Student Executive Board (BEM) as a student organization that embodies the whole of STD Bali is expected to increase the creativity of students with a variety of activities and support successful academically.

BEM STD Bali is tallest in the Campus Organization Board STD Bali and is formed by the Democratic organization. BEM STD Bali is also a container or a place for students to provide any STD Bali Suggestions and Feedback.

BEM is composed of student representatives from all departments in STD Bali Campus. In its activities, the BEM has always tried to accommodate the aspirations and creating activities that can accommodate the participation of all majors. Although management of BEM is a student representative, but the election is done in a way that is democratic.This also intended to develop soft skills in the organization.

BEM for current activities are focused on three areas, including :
1. Sector Organizations, Information and Communication
2. Research and Development
3. Field of Spirituality

Vision :
1. Cultivate and foster a sense of community among students, lecturers and staff STD Bali.
2. Making the STD Bali known as the Campus Community.

Mission :
1. Active role in introducing STD Bali Society.
2. Build and establish relationships between student organizations inside and outside the campus STD Bali
3. Student Association




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ISI Denpasar
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Hanbat National University
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